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Kids n Why

This is a unique program for young children spanning the period from the pre-natal stage until the age of three; a period which is crucial for the brain�s development.

Kids n Why

Children can communicate in thousands different ways.

Kids n Why

A safe environment where learning and development is nurtured.

Kids n Why offers a safe and positive environment where we help kids develop a love for learning; our preschool curriculum engages toddlers in activities designed to develop their capabilities, confidence and self esteem.
In our after school programs we introduce children to activities ranging from science, technology and robotics to drama, art and music. The courses will help, highlight the kid's particular talent and inclination and also will keep the child happily occupied away from tv in after school hours.
Our day care centre is a home away from home and is truly child oriented, child centered and child conscious. We provide safe and friendly atmosphere to our kids in order to help them develop physically, socially emotionally and intelligently.
Kids n Why
A program designed for parent and baby to play together, where the baby learns from external stimuli.
12-18 MONTHS
A course designed to help parents observe their own children and guide them in play and learning.
18-24 MONTHS
At this stage, children develop social skills. The program helps the children to discover the fun of learning just the way they want from colors and puzzles to music and dance .

Kids n Why

STEM - Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics
This program lays the building blocks for a child's future learning in science, technology, engineering and maths.
PACE - Performing Arts for Children's Education
A step -by-step introduction to the performing arts: drama, dance, music and public speaking.
Ilango - Foreign Language programs for kids
7-11 YEARS
A program that lays the building blocks to learning language.

Kids n Why
* Daily communication dairy
* Cctv surveillance
18 months to 3yrs
* Quest 18months-2 years: 1hr15 min of daily learning sessions, help the children to discover the fun of learning & to get child friendly to the place.

* Receiving from the bus stop
* Fresh meals
* Homework guidance

Kids n Why kidsnwhy kidsnwhy


Kids n Why
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Our handpicked team will help shape your child's learning experience in the best possible way.  Each child is placed in a specific learning group tailored to fit his or her particular needs.

We work closely with parents to discover the best methods and approaches for their child.  We pride ourselves on our friendliness and approachability. 
Our philosophy is not just to transfer knowledge, but to create an environment where children become the seekers of knowledge. 

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Kids n Why
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Kids n Why is an initiative of Teknol India, formed by a group of Edupreneurs seeking visible change in educational enterprise in India, and elsewhere. The team comprises of some exceptional people from varied disciplines who have taken the road less traveled. With an aspiration of national footprints. It is on the threshold of making a bigger impact on many more lives, and

Teknol conceptualized Kids n Why to supplement the learning processes of students between 0 to 8. The guiding philosophy of Kids n Why is to help children learn how to bring abstract concepts to life.
To have the best childcare and development center with excellent facilities and well trained educators for children across the country through a chain of such centers. We aspire to be a role model in creating a better future for the citizens of tomorrow."

At Kids n Why we want our children to become active participants in, and shapers of, their world. We want our children to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally and ethically, so that they are able to fulfill and expand their potential, and become active, contributing and concerned citizens of the world.

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The key to our approach is to create an environment that allows children to observe and investigate topics that naturally intrigue and interest them. Children are encouraged to undertake projects on diverse topics involving discussion, fieldwork, activities, and creativity. With this empirical approach children can build on what they already know, and apply their own individual strengths and learning styles to deepen their understanding of larger concepts.
Our priority is to encourage each child's individuality, while also teaching him or her how to be part of a group. Engaging a child's natural way of learning makes education its own happy reward. Children have a natural instinct to explore the world around them. We at Kids n why encourage our kids to nurture this instinct and explore the world around them.
This means that rather than telling them what to expect in certain situations, we want them to discover cause and effect by doing things for themselves. Understanding the importance of family responsibilities in Indian culture, we ensure that the learning experience for each child synchronizes with his or her family environment and value systems.
The first few years of a child's life are developmentally crucial.
In the first eight years the brain will grow faster than it will for the rest of the human lifespan. Recent scientific research shows that the environment of the child in his or her early years affects the neurological and biological pathways that will in turn affect their future health, learning and behavior.
Essentially this means that a child's early years are critical for the cognitive development and social learning which will lead to success in his or her later life. And in these critical years, it's essential to provide a stimulating and enriching environment for the child to make the best of their abilities.

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